Beach Fun (at a Distance): 5 Unique Ogunquit Beach Activities

Picture of a family enjoying Ogunquit Beach.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and treat yourself to a tranquil getaway at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Our Maine resort boasts its prestigious location on the Atlantic Coast with marvelous oceanic views and easy access to Ogunquit Beach. Consider a relaxing and rejuvenating day by the ocean side with loved ones. Engage in beach fun while practicing social distancing with our lists of suggested activities. 

Social-Distanced Fun at Ogunquit Beach

It only makes sense that you spend at least one day by the ocean shore while staying at our Ogunquit beach hotel. Known for its beauty and pristine shoreline, the Ogunquit Beach is the perfect place to relax and bond with family and friends. 

  1. Scour the shore for shells. You might find an assortment of seashells, sea beans, and if you’re lucky, sea glass. Save your seaside treasures to decorate your house, commemorate your stay in Ogunquit, Maine, or try your hand at jewelry making
  2. Introduce the kiddos to the joys of flying a kite. You can even go on a pre-Ogunquit Beach outing at Toys in the Attic, where everyone can choose their favorite kite. Then, when you get to the beach, find an uninhabited piece of shoreline and watch those colors soar. 
  3. If the water is too cold to swim in, you can always paddle your way around the peninsula with a rental from World Within Kayak Rentals. One of the best ways to practice social distancing is to go kayaking in Maine.  
  4. Another leisurely Ogunquit Beach activity is surf fishing. Get all the equipment you need at the Bait & Tackle shop on 341 York Street and enjoy a day with a line in the water and your feet sinking in the sand. 
  5. Pack a picnic or get takeout from a local restaurant, and spend the day playing beach games with loved ones. Challenge each other to a round of beach volleyball, soccer, or bocce. Or, embark on a stroll along the idyllic shoreline.

Your Perfect Vacation Starts at Our Ogunquit Resort in Maine

Reserve your luxurious accommodation with outstanding oceanic views at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Unwind at our on-site spa, enjoy a romantic dinner with a view at the Blue Bistro, and engage in the best Ogunquit activities. To learn more about making a reservation, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

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