Pick your own Strawberries when in Maine

Who can resist the red ripe, sweet look of a strawberry in the hand?  Each spring, our family tradition is to go out and pick ripe strawberries in the field with my kids.  My boys, 13 & 10, still love going out, finding the biggest, baddest red strawberry for our annual family competition.  While they are looking and picking, I remind them not to eat too many as we have lots of baking and cooking to do when we get them home.  Of course a box or more may not even make home with those two in the back seat.

The Southern Maine area has a several great spots to pick at, only 30min max to the farthest field from Ogunquit.  If you’ve not had a chance to pick strawberries before, take a moment to enjoy the freshest farm find while you’re here.  Our room’s kitchenettes are perfect for cleaning up your loot with space in your refrigerator to store and enjoy them while your here in Ogunquit.

Fresh Ripe Strawberry


Our first stop is always Spiller Farms in Wells.   Family owned and operated by Anna and Bill Spiller, they get farming and how to educate those who want to know where thier food is from.  

Spiller Farm  85 Spiller Farm Lane 207-985-2575    Facebook

If I really want to stock up I’ll also try these fields in the are.  Always give a call ahead, as picking times and supply on the vine vary with weather and those who’ve picked before you.
Lavigne Strawberry Farm 158 Whichers Mill Road, Sanford 207-324-5497   Facebook
Riverside Farm Stand and Greenhouse 323 Elm Street (Rte 4)  207-676-2868   **Although they are not offering picking this year, they do have their own strawberries for sale at the farm stand

If you are here in town on June 27th, enjoy South Berwick Strawberry Festival celebrating it’s 40th year.  Crafts, Food and Fun are all to be had along with Strawberries in every shape, size and edible form.  The festibal is from 9Am to 4PM – but get there early to enjoy it all.

Catching Health with Diane Atwood just published a comprehensive list of where to pick strawberries in Maine. Visit her article if you are heading farther north and want to explore your inner strawberry cravings.

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I often wonder what I might do in another line of work (not that I’ll start one) and photography usually comes to mind.  I enjoy sharing the views fromt the Inn, around the area or maybe a sneak peak into my other life, mother.  Join us for photos and please share your when your in town.

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Broadway in Ogunquit, Maine

May 20 - June 20th, 2015

May 20 – June 20th, 2015

One of the traditions that I have enjoyed with my family, from when I was a young child with my grandparents, to now bringing my own children is the Ogunquit Playhouse.  A summer stock theater, the quality of shows, stage sets and actors has been on a steady rise, threatening to outdo the last season each year.  We’ve been lucky to see amazing performances over the years, with actors and actresses from NYC and across the country.  This season will be much the same, with a line up of laughs, drama and song.  It’s worth making time to book your night at the Ogunquit Playhouse, the 2015 season is just around the corner. 

If your children are budding actresses or actors, look into the summer theatre camp.  The Children’s Theatre Program offers theatrical training to students of all ages in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Many of my friends have sent their kids to this camp with rave reviews. 

Dreaming of Mother’s Day in Ogunquit, Maine

This weekend is Mother’s Day.  As a mom of two busy boys, I’ve been asked several times this week how I would like to celebrate my day  Of course I want nothing but the love of my family, but let’s be real, a few of these things and some treats from  around Ogunquit couldn’t hurt. 

1. Breakfast in Bed – it really only does happen once a year for me and I love it when the kids come upstairs with a tray, all full of smiles and bravado that they managed to get it together and upstairs without spilling it.  If your staying at the Inn this weekend, we’ve got trays at the ready for your children to walk back your breakfast to your room.

2. Time with my family.  Seems simple but it really is more complicated that one realizes.  I’d like to walk the Ring Trail at Mt. Agamenticus with the family and our dog. It’s less than a 20 minute drive or 7 miles to the trail head from The Beachmere Inn.  Take in nature, a beautiful wooded easy hike and the laughs and giggles coming from my boys while we enjoy the time of just being together without having to rush to the next activity or answer the next email popping up on my smartphone.  Yes I leave it in the car!

3. A stroll through Harbor Candy Shop.  I just love jelly beans, all of them except licorice.  Harbor Candy offers a wall of jelly beans that I can mix and match to my hearts delight.  The boys can delve into the mounds of chocolate offerings (all made in house here in Ogunquit) while I eye the colors of jelly bean heaven.Harbor Candy

4. We walk from the Inn to Perkins Cove to top off the day for a cup of Lobster Stew at The Lobster Shack at the back of the Cove.  It’s my favorite stew (other than our own Haddock Chowder here at Beachmere).  I enjoy the casual atmosphere, the food along with a cold bottle of Shipyard (made here in Maine) while letting the kids play in the Cove where I’m lucky enough to say they’ve grown up.

Where ever you find yourself this mother’s day, with your mother, your family or your friends, I hope you have a wonderful day doing the simple things that you enjoy and make you happy.

Ride in Style: NYC to Ogunquit, Maine

For some of our guests who live in NYC getting to Ogunquit, Maine can mean using a variety of transportation methods if one doesn’t have their own car.  Coming this May, C&J Bus service will offer a new schedule connecting downtown NYC (Port Authority Station) to downtown Ogunquit, Maine on a daily basis using an executive class bus.  Enjoy larger seating room, free WiFi and power ports, movies, snacks and above all, your own driver.  I’ve personally used this service three times for trips to NYC and back from Portsmouth NH, but can’t wait to be able to catch this ride from almost our front door.  If you’ve never been to Ogunquit, you’ll find an easily walkable town, where most guests who stay at The Beachmere Inn, park their car and
walk to everything our little village has to offer.


We’ll be offering to pick up or arrange pick up services for our guests once you arrive in Ogunquit and for the day of your departure.

This recent article from Off Metro is a good quick read for more details.

Check out the PDF bus schedule from NYC to Portsmouth staring on May 22nd and book your trip to Ogunquit for this summer.   Call us at 800-336-3983 and we’ll help find the perfect room with a view for your stay.

Only in Ogunquit, Maine can you snow shoe along the ocean!

blogOne of the most unspoiled activities to enjoy in Ogunquit is a snow shoe along the Marginal Way footpath.  As the town does not plow it, it becomes a haven for those outdoor enthusiasts looking for the beauty of the seaside enjoyed in the serenity of the quiet winter season. With the snow we have received during the 2015 winter, the path is covered and deep, making snow shoes mandatory to walk the path.  Sit on a bench along the way and take in the magnificent ocean views while after you come back to the Inn for a hot drink or lunch before you soak in the hot  tub.  

If you’re staying in town while it snows, another fun activity you can tell you friends about is snow shoeing the beach.  Enjoy fresh snow and a beach day all at the same time.  Walk the deeper snow along the fence line of the dunes, or ditch the snow shoes during your walk to find sand dollars on the beach during low tide.  You’ll be all by yourself on Maine’s prettiest beach.