5 Reasons to Plan a Maine Elopement for 2021

Picture of couple eloping in Maine.As anyone who has put together a wedding can attest, the whole process can be a smidge overwhelming—from the financial costs, meal planning, guest lists, wedding parties, registries, seating charts, music, and so on. For those tired at the thought of wedding planning, consider a Maine elopement at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Our quaint, oceanside Ogunquit, Maine, hotel is the perfect place to host the intimate ceremony of your dreams, surrounded by select few loved ones and the gorgeous Atlantic coastline.

1. Maine Elopements: Safer Than Weddings During a Pandemic

Unfortunately, the year 2021 doesn’t look much better than 2020 in regards to gaining any relief from COVID-19. Instead of planning a massive event with necessary precautions that may still put loved ones at risk, consider a Maine elopement instead. It’s a much easier environment to control, and you won’t have to fret about possible Covid outbreaks. 

2. Much Less Financial Stress

It’s not uncommon for couples to take out loans to help cover the cost of wedding expenses. The average price of a Maine wedding is $30,000. Set aside that money for a relaxing honeymoon at our luxury resort in Maine, put a downpayment on your dream home, or invest it in whatever opportunities may come your way. Maine elopements enable you to save money and have an intimate ceremony free from family drama. 

3. Relieve the Potential of Family Drama

Depending on your familial situations, having a Maine elopement might be your solution to avoid potential conflicts. And, let’s be honest: this day is about you and your partner. Spend the most important day of your life with the people you love most at our Ogunquit Beach hotel. 

4. Bask in the Beautiful Landscapes at Our Maine Coast Hotel

If you’re looking for places to get married in Maine, The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean features gorgeous rocky coastlines and outstanding ocean views. Have your elopement pictures taken in one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Maine. Plus, we’re prepared to help you customize your special day at our idyllic resort. 

5. Indulge in a More Intimate & Personal Ceremony

Avoid the stress of making sure everything goes as planned on your wedding day and focus on what’s important: marrying the love of your life. Maine elopements allow you to bask in the beauty of your surroundings and indulge in a private event with those who matter most. Say “I do” to the sound of ocean waves, take as long as you’d like with pictures, and enjoy a quiet dinner with your new-appointed spouse.  

Let Beachmere Inn Host Your Ideal Maine Elopement

While there are myriad reasons to elope, everything comes down to what you and your significant other want for your big day. The Beachmere Inn has hosted many beautiful weddings and elopements at our oceanside resort and would love to help your dreams come true. To learn more about our elopement offerings or book your perfect couple’s suite, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

Top 10 Ogunquit, Maine, Restaurants with Takeout

Picture of person getting take out at an Ogunquit, Maine, restaurant.One of the best parts of traveling is trying regional food favorites and opening yourself to new dining experiences. However, as we adjust to a new normal amid the global pandemic, going out to eat may not always be the best option. During your getaway at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean, consider ordering pick up from some of the best restaurants in Ogunquit, Maine. Enjoy your fresh lobster rolls in the comfort of our cozy Maine Coast hotel, or have a picnic on Ogunquit Beach.

Order from Some of the Best Ogunquit, Maine, Restaurants

The food and dishes that restaurants offer says a lot about a region. During your visit to our Maine resort on the Atlantic Coast, fresh lobster dishes and succulent seafood should definitely be on your list of things to eat. Treat yourself to some spectacular Maine cuisine and support the local restaurant business near our Ogunquit Beach hotel.

  • Backyard Coffee & Eatery will satisfy your caffeine and other hot beverage needs with a tasty breakfast sandwich or homemade baked goods. 
  • Barnacle Billy’s is the go-to place for a taste of fresh Maine lobster.
  • Beach Fire Bar Grille serves a variety of classic pub favorites and savory seafood dishes. 
  • Five-O Shore Road is the perfect place for groups who can’t decide on where to eat; they offer a little bit of everything, and it’s all excellent. 
  • Footbridge Lobster, a little red building in Perkins Cove, serves the best Maine lobster rolls in town.
  • Northern Union offers fresh delicacies and curated wine, beer, and cocktail kits. 
  • Ogunquit Lobster Pound is another excellent seafood eatery options with succulent Maine lobster and fantastic pasta dishes. 
  • Smoky B’s Gin Mill will sate your hankering for finger-licking BBQ. 
  • So Zap serves delicious, authentic Thai dishes. 
  • The Beach Basket offers healthy, creative, seasonal options that make takeout easier than ever. 

Your Coastal Getaway Starts at the Beachmere Inn

Bask in the beautiful Ogunquit Beach views and sate your seafood cravings during your stay at the Beachmere Inn. Our cozy accommodations offer oceanfront views and seclusion from Ogunquit’s Main Street. You don’t have to travel far to find fantastic Ogunquit, Maine, restaurants. Our on-site eatery, the Blue Bistro, serves fantastic breakfasts and delicious entrees. For more information on reserving our Maine Coast resort, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

Best Fall Foliage Sights near Our Ogunquit, ME, Resort

Picture of couple enjoying a getaway at Ogunquit, ME, resort.There’s nothing like an autumnal getaway to our Ogunquit, ME, resort, The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. The surrounding trees burst into a whirlwind of radiant reds, rustic oranges, and golden yellows. The crisp, clean air on your cheeks as you traverse trails covered in crunchy leaves. Check out all of the best fall activities and foliage sights near our Ogunquit Beach hotel during your autumnal getaway. 

Autumnal Adventures around Our Ogunquit, ME, Resort 

Button-up your favorite flannel, don your coziest cap, and lace-up your hiking boots for a fabulous fall outing near Ogunquit. Kick-start your day with breakfast-to-go from our on-site restaurant, Blue Bistro. Or, pick up a chai tea latte, apple cider, pumpkin spice latte from one of the best coffee shops before setting off on your autumnal adventure.

Mount Agamenticus

Immersing yourself in nature is an excellent way to enjoy Maine in the fall. Mount Agamenticus offers fantastic views, hiking trails, and even has small group guided fall activities. Embark on a private fall scavenger hunt and sensory hike, and learn how to identify different trees. 

Best Fall Foliage Hikes in Maine near Our Ogunquit Hotel

Traversing trails isn’t just for the summer months. Autumn hikes are great for finding wildlife, taking in the multitude of colors, and basking in the cooler weather. Consider spending part of a day or two taking on a few of the best trails near our Ogunquit, ME, resort: 

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is another place where you can appreciate the local wildlife and fall foliage. Explore the coastline habitats and colorful shrublands. Keep your eye out for saltmarsh sparrows, piping plovers, New England cottontails, and other creatures. 

Visit an Orchard near Our Luxury Resort in Maine

Spend a few hours meandering an apple orchard or pacing around a pumpkin patch, and take some goodies home with you. Pick a few apples and pumpkins from few nearby orchards, like River Lily Farm or Spiller Farm. You may even have the opportunity to purchase a little autumnal treat like fresh apple cider or homemade pie to enjoy at our Ogunquit, ME, resort. 

Find Fantastic Fall Foliage at Our Ogunquit, ME, Resort

Regardless of the season, you’ll never run out of things to do in Ogunquit, ME. You don’t even have to go on a grand autumnal adventure. Spend a few hours exploring Ogunquit Beach or embark on a lovely, coastal drive to Kennebunkport or York, and soak in the colorful scenery along the way. Once you’ve had your fill of fall for the day, relax and enjoy your luxurious accommodations. To learn more about reserving a room at our Ogunquit, ME, resort, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

Beach Fun (at a Distance): 5 Unique Ogunquit Beach Activities

Picture of a family enjoying Ogunquit Beach.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and treat yourself to a tranquil getaway at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Our Maine resort boasts its prestigious location on the Atlantic Coast with marvelous oceanic views and easy access to Ogunquit Beach. Consider a relaxing and rejuvenating day by the ocean side with loved ones. Engage in beach fun while practicing social distancing with our lists of suggested activities. 

Social-Distanced Fun at Ogunquit Beach

It only makes sense that you spend at least one day by the ocean shore while staying at our Ogunquit beach hotel. Known for its beauty and pristine shoreline, the Ogunquit Beach is the perfect place to relax and bond with family and friends. 

  1. Scour the shore for shells. You might find an assortment of seashells, sea beans, and if you’re lucky, sea glass. Save your seaside treasures to decorate your house, commemorate your stay in Ogunquit, Maine, or try your hand at jewelry making
  2. Introduce the kiddos to the joys of flying a kite. You can even go on a pre-Ogunquit Beach outing at Toys in the Attic, where everyone can choose their favorite kite. Then, when you get to the beach, find an uninhabited piece of shoreline and watch those colors soar. 
  3. If the water is too cold to swim in, you can always paddle your way around the peninsula with a rental from World Within Kayak Rentals. One of the best ways to practice social distancing is to go kayaking in Maine.  
  4. Another leisurely Ogunquit Beach activity is surf fishing. Get all the equipment you need at the Bait & Tackle shop on 341 York Street and enjoy a day with a line in the water and your feet sinking in the sand. 
  5. Pack a picnic or get takeout from a local restaurant, and spend the day playing beach games with loved ones. Challenge each other to a round of beach volleyball, soccer, or bocce. Or, embark on a stroll along the idyllic shoreline.

Your Perfect Vacation Starts at Our Ogunquit Resort in Maine

Reserve your luxurious accommodation with outstanding oceanic views at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Unwind at our on-site spa, enjoy a romantic dinner with a view at the Blue Bistro, and engage in the best Ogunquit activities. To learn more about making a reservation, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

The 3 Best Breweries near Ogunquit, Maine

Picture of people enjoying the breweries near Ogunquit, Maine.There’s nothing quite like a crisp beer to top off a lovely sunny summer day at our resort in Ogunquit, Maine, The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. While the activities near our oceanfront inn are seemingly endless—climbing Mount Agamenicus, hiking and biking trails, kayaking the salt marshes, playing golf, and exploring the plethora of cruises—you’ll appreciate a tranquil atmosphere and tasty beverage to help wind down for the day. Consider these breweries near Ogunquit, Maine, which feature a broad assortment of beers and adult beverages, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

Hidden Cove Brewing Company

Cool off with a refreshing Booty Raspberry Golden Ale at Hidden Cove Brewing Company. Choose between IPAs, Belgians, sours, porters, red ales, and their featured seasonals. Their outdoor seating is an excellent place to raise a glass to your coastline getaway, play a board game, and delight in a few local brewskis. 

SoMe Brewing Company

Snag a flight of your favorite brews from SoMe Brewing Company. You’re sure to appreciate the wide variety of beer types and flavors, from IPAs to hard ciders, they have it all. If you’d like to learn more about their brewing process, check out their private tour options

York Beach Beer

Listen to the calming sound of waves cresting onshore while sipping on a refreshing IPA. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, taste their more eclectic brews like their Raspberry Whoopie Pie milk stout or Orange Mainesicle cream ale. York Beach Beer also serves beer cocktails, hard seltzers, and wine for those who prefer beverages other than beer. 

Cool of at the Best Breweries near Ogunquit, Maine

If you’re looking for things to do near Ogunquit, Maine, hit up a Maine brewery for an afternoon of reminiscing on the day’s activities and for some refreshing, local tastes. You can even purchase some cans or a growler to enjoy at your cozy accommodations at our Ogunquit hotel. For more suggestions on breweries near Ogunquit, Maine, or if you’d like to make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-336-3983.

Top 5 Hiking Trails near Ogunquit, Maine

Picture of a couple enjoying the hiking trails near Ogunquit, Maine. .Take advantage of our oceanfront hotel in Ogunquit, Maine, and embark on an outdoor adventure when you stay at The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean. Our beautiful summer weather and Atlantic backdrop serve as excellent motivators to explore everything this slice of paradise has to offer. Start learning about the area by taking on a few of the best hiking trails near Ogunquit, Maine.

Best Hiking Trails near Ogunquit, Maine

If you love scenic ocean views, then you’re in for a treat! The hiking trails near Ogunquit, Maine, offer plenty of natural oceanside scenery.

  • Marginal Way Footpath is a two-and-a-half-mile paved trail that features awe-inspiring overlooks. This trail is perfect for people of all ages and hiking skill levels. 
  • Marginal Way Walk features brightly colored wildflowers and provides the perfect environment for birding. Plus, you can get up close and personal with an Ogunquit lighthouse.
  • Parsons Way is a scenic path that winds around Cape Arundel and fantastic rock formations, providing an excellent view of Maine’s rugged coastline.
  • Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve protects local animals, migratory birds, and valuable salt marshes. If you love nature and observing wildlife, Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve is the perfect place for you. 
  • Richard E Payeur Preserve Loop is a mile-long and perfect for families. Introduce the kiddos to different wildflowers and local animals on this pleasant walk near our Ogunquit hotel.

Cozy Lodging in Ogunquit, Maine for the Whole Family

Unplug from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax along the Atlantic coastline. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience to wind down your day, look no further than our on-site eatery: Blue Bistro. Our hotel in Maine provides access to several outdoor activities like Ogunquit Beach, walking trails, biking, and so much more! For more information on hiking trails near Ogunquit, Maine, or to book a room, please call us at 800-336-3983.

Plan a Classic Maine Honeymoon in Picturesque Ogunquit

Photo of Newlyweds at the Beach on a Maine Honeymoon.


As we hastily approach yet another golden summer here along Maine’s rocky coast, countless soon-to-be brides and grooms gleefully line up their honeymoon plans. While 2020 is destined to be a unique year in every way, shape, and form, elegant weddings will assuredly endure. Thus, there will always be a time and place for a classic Maine honeymoon in the historic, undeniably beautiful sea town of Ogunquit, a true coastal jewel. The Beachmere Inn on the Ocean, one of the finest (and most historical) hotels in Maine, remains an idyllic honeymoon destination for couples who value sophistication, relaxation, culinary arts, and a smidge of aquatic adventure.

The Beachmere Inn: History, Beauty, and Romance

Ogunquit, when examined under a microscope, is perhaps the most enticing location for a long-awaited coastal Maine honeymoon, primarily because of its natural beauty, historical significance, and to-die-for culinary creations. The Beachmere Inn itself fosters passionate, uninhibited romance with a playful element thrown into the fold. With ample on-site acreage to explore the ocean’s edge, as well as a culinary institution (Blue Bistro), there’s no denying the allure of The Beachmere during summer’s radiance and autumn’s vibrant peak. Greet each glorious sunrise with a cup of coffee, explore the region’s landscape, and dine on coastal fare that’s reminiscent of a voyage across the seven seas—life in Ogunquit isn’t fair.

Quintessential Maine Honeymoon Activities

While it won’t be easy to pry yourselves from The Beachmere Inn’s elegant estate, there’s so much beauty and potential adventure at one’s fingertips here in Ogunquit. No southern Maine honeymoon is complete with “crossing” these eight items off of your list of mid-day activities. Many of these excursions are equally exciting, romantic, and tantalizing. After all, no one understands love more than Mother Nature herself. Click the links below to learn more about each potential adventure.

  1. Explore the Atlantic with the worldly team at Silverlining Sailing.
  2. Taste your way through Blue Bistro’s eye-popping menu, featuring many New England classics, such as the lobster roll, seafood scampi, and baked haddock.
  3. Stroll along Ogunquit’s rocky, wide-open coastline on the Marginal Way trail.
  4. Indulge in a variety of on-site spa treatments in one of our massage rooms. (The spa is temporarily closed due to COVID-19).
  5. Spend a day on Ogunquit Beach, one of the finest stretches of sand in all of New England.
  6. Embark on a self-guided lighthouse tour, including stops at Nubble Light, Portsmouth Harbor Light, and, perhaps, offshore Goat Island Lighthouse.
  7. Try a new craft brewery, such as Hidden Cove, SoMe Brewing, or York Beach Beer.
  8. Plan a day-trip to nearby Portland.

Elegant Honeymoon Suites in Maine

Photo of Beautiful Beachmere Inn, a Splendid Maine Honeymoon Locale.By now, you likely have a sense as to whether or not Ogunquit is right for your proposed coastal Maine honeymoon. If southern Maine is a match, don’t forget that The Beachmere Inn has a large fleet of elegant, undeniably romantic suites located along the Atlantic’s rugged edge. Isreal Head Road’s “Mayfield” and The Victorian, in particular, are beloved by couples young and old. Yes, each unit features modern amenities, such as gas fireplaces, stylish furnishings, terraces, and kitchenettes. But there’s no denying the allure of an 1897 Victorian estate along the banks of the mighty deep blue. Mayfield, meanwhile, is just a short walk from the main property. It features the prettiest garden in the city.

To learn more about a potential New England honeymoon to Ogunquit, please give us a call today at 800-336-3983 (or check availability online). Reminder: Maine Residents can book in June; others starting in July.

Quintessential Summer Activities in Ogunquit, Maine

Photo of the Marina at Dusk in Ogunquit, Maine.


Ogunquit, Maine, is our little slice of seaside paradise. In fact, “Ogunquit” is an Algonquin Indian term that means “beautiful place by the sea.” Surrounded by sandy beaches, an aesthetic Atlantic Coastline, and a delightful city filled with fantastic restaurants and cute boutiques, Beachmere Inn is an excellent place to go for your summer vacation. Enjoy the lovely beaches near Ogunquit, our weekly lobster bakes, and a convenient trolley to take you anywhere you’d like to go. 

Enjoy A Sunny Day at Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach is one of the best places to go in Maine in the summer. You’ll have a ball at this three-and-a-half mile white, sandy beach. Go for a swim, pack a picnic, soak up the sun, or go ocean kayaking. Regardless of how you like to spend your beach day, you’re bound to have a great time at Ogunquit Beach. 

Peruse Perkins Cove

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider heading over to Perkins Cove. Hit up the cutest shops, snack on some delectable treats at the popular Perkins Cove Candies, or indulge your taste buds at The Lobster Shack. And, in case you were wondering, you can take up the opportunity to catch your own dinner by booking with a nearby fishing charter. Perkins Cove is a tourist destination you’ll definitely want to hit up during your stay with Beachmere Inn.

Meander Marginal Way

If you’d prefer to take a break from crowds of people, take some time to meander Marginal Way. During your picturesque walk, you’ll encounter gorgeous cliffside, oceanic views, a paved pathway, and beautiful beaches. Imagine it: appreciating the stunning scenery, the seaside breeze tousling your hair, and breathing in the refreshing Atlantic. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and steep in gratitude. 

We’re Here for Your Ogunquit Summer Getaway

Beachmere Inn is the perfect place to stay for your Ogunquit getaway. Our ideal location in Ogunquit puts you near several fun summer Maine activities. For more information about things to do in Ogunquit this summer, please contact us. Our friendly staff is happy to help.

5 Reasons to Visit The Beachmere Inn This Summer

Seaside Views from The Beachmere Inn, One of the Best Oceanfront Hotels in Maine.


Maine is one of the most beautiful destinations in New England. From its towering pine forests to its deep blue Atlantic Ocean, there is so much to take in when you visit this unique state. Ogunquit, Maine, is a beautiful coastal town, and when you stay at The Beachmere Inn, you’ll be right in the heart of its New England charm. The Beachmere Inn has everything you could possibly need for the dream vacation you’ve been waiting for, but if Ogunquit hasn’t made it onto your vacation itinerary yet, here are all of the reasons you should spend your summer at one of the best oceanfront hotels in Maine: The Beachmere Inn.

1. Stunning Accommodations

The Beachmere Inn is made up of six different buildings, which each have something unique for you! Choose between a residential or oceanfront location so that you can design the best Atlantic vacation you can think of. From expansive ocean views, kitchenettes, and gas fireplaces, The Beachmere Inn has everything you could possibly need for a beautiful vacation at one of the best oceanfront hotels in Maine.

2. Delicious On-Site Eats

As one of the most inclusive oceanfront hotels in Maine, it’s no surprise that The Beachmere Inn has its own delicious on-site restaurant: the Blue Bistro. This Ogunquit restaurant is ready to serve you anything you could possibly be craving, including a full cocktail menu. During the warmer months, you’ll have the option of sitting outside on the rotunda and enjoy stunning views of the ocean while you eat.

3. Everything You Need

The on-site amenities at The Beachmere Inn are none that compare to any other oceanfront hotels in Maine. Here, you’ll find direct access to the Marginal Way ocean footpath, and a private sandy beach and lawn. You’ll also receive free Wi-Fi and gas or woodburning fireplaces in some rooms. If you plan on staying in Ogunquit for a longer period of time, you’ll have access to kitchenettes so that you can make your own food. There is also an on-site spa level in Beachmere West, which includes a hot tub, sauna, massage rooms, and fitness center.

4. On-Site Spa

This oceanfront hotel in Maine has its own on-site spa, perfect for relaxing during your Ogunquit vacation. Here, you can enjoy two massage rooms that offer massage therapies and body treatments. You can enjoy couples or singles treatments, and choose from anything you want, including a foot massage and hot stone treatment.

5. Exploring Ogunquit

Ogunquit, Maine, has so much more to offer outside of The Beachmere Inn. Although this is one of the best oceanfront hotels in Maine, the truth is, Ogunquit is full of activities that make The Beachmere Inn the ideal spot for guests to stay. The Beachmere Inn will put you close to everything there is to do in the area, from walking the Marginal Way to exploring beautiful coastal locations such as Perkins Cove and Ogunquit Beach. There’s something for everyone to enjoy during a trip to Ogunquit, so get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Ogunquit, Maine, is the New England coastal destination you’ve been waiting for, and when you stay at The Beachmere Inn, you’ll find it easy to have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. From beautiful accommodations to helpful amenities to a gorgeous surrounding area, The Beachmere Inn is the destination for you, so pack your bags and get ready to marvel at the Atlantic Ocean, for as long as you want.

Plan a Girls Trip to Ogunquit, Maine

Aerial View of The Beachmere Inn, One of the Best Inns in Ogunquit Maine.


Maine is truly one of the most beautiful places in the Northeastern United States. From towering pine trees, beautiful wildlife, and stunning New England coastlines, there’s no better destination for a girls’ trip. With stunning views of the blue Atlantic Ocean, you and your best friends simply can’t go wrong with a stay at Beachmere Inn. Here, you’ll have direct access to Maine’s beautiful coast, and the option to rent a suite complete with a kitchenette, private patio or balcony, and even a fireplace for relaxing after a long day of fun. When it comes to planning the perfect girls trip, this is simply one of the best inns in Ogunquit, Maine, and with plenty for you and your friends to do and experience, you’ll be in for a trip you’ll never forget.

Beachmere’s Blue Bistro

During your girls’ trip to Maine, you won’t have to look very far for quality oceanfront dining. As one of the best inns in Ogunquit, Maine, you can guarantee that good food won’t be hard to find. Beachmere’s on-site restaurant, Blue Bistro, is here to serve you and your friends, whatever it is that you’re craving. Go out for evening cocktails without leaving your hotel, and during warm weather months, enjoy your meal on the outdoor rotunda. No matter what the weather, though, you can guarantee views of the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

Ogunquit Spa

As one of the most inclusive inns in Ogunquit, Maine, Beachmere Inn is home to a beautiful in-house spa ready to pamper you and your best friends. Our spa includes multiple massage options, including a foot massage and Warm Bamboo Massage, as well as Beach Stone Therapy, and an option to experience a healing body wrap.

Exploring Ogunquit

No girls’ trip would be complete without experiencing everything your destination has to offer. While Beachmere is one of the best inns in Ogunquit, Maine, there truly is a lot to see and do in the area. Take a walk on Ogunquit Beach, go see the lighthouse at Marginal Way, go shopping on Perkins Cove Road, or take in some art at the Ogunquit Museum. There truly is something for every type of traveler in Ogunquit Maine, and when you stay at Beachmere Inn, your trip will be one to remember for a lifetime.