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Every room at the Beachmere Inn is equipped with a DVD player, allowing you to take advantage of our lending library of over 300 titles.   Simply ask for the disc number at the front desk.

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Genre Title Rating DVD
Action/Adventure Bridge of Spies PG-13 201
Action/Adventure Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle PG 13 279
Action/Adventure Clash Of The Titans PG 13 276
Action/Adventure Dr. No PG 93
Action/Adventure Ender’s Game PG-13 110
Action/Adventure From Russia With Love PG 94
Action/Adventure Goldfinger PG 95
Action/Adventure Hunger Games PG-13 112
Action/Adventure Hunger Games: Catching Fire PG-13 113
Action/Adventure Indiana Jones- Kingdom of the Crystal Skull PG-13 82
Action/Adventure Insurgent PG-13 162
Action/Adventure Jurassic World PG-13 169
Action/Adventure Kingsmen R 186
Action/Adventure Max Payne PG-13 71
Action/Adventure Pirates of the Caribbean -at World’s End PG-13 80
Action/Adventure S.W.A.T. PG-13 129
Action/Adventure Sahara PG-13 63
Action/Adventure Sahara PG-13 132
Action/Adventure Sherlock Holmes PG-13 190
Action/Adventure Skyfall PG-13 41
Action/Adventure Stealth PG-13 73
Action/Adventure The Bourne Identity PG-13 128
Action/Adventure The Day After Tomorrow PG-13 72
Action/Adventure The Goonies PG 271
Action/Adventure The Hunt for Red October PG 137
Action/Adventure The Italian Job PG-13 74
Action/Adventure The Last Samurai R 184
Action/Adventure The Martian PG-13 191
Action/Adventure The Revenant R 202
Action/Adventure The Spy Who Dumped Me R 278
Action/Adventure The Sum of All Fears PG-13 127
Children Best of James Thomas & Friends PG 274
Childrens Bob the Builder G K3
Childrens Busytown Mystery G K4
Childrens Clifford G K8
Childrens Dinosaur Rescue G K11
Childrens Dora’s Pirate Adventure G K12
Childrens Go Diego Moonlight Rescue G K10
Childrens Hot Potato Live The Wiggles G K1
Childrens Ice Age Christmas G K14
Childrens Kipper G K9
Childrens Kung Fu Panda PG 277
Childrens Mighty Knights-Backyardigans G K5
Childrens Scooby Doo X-mas G K15
Childrens Tom and Jerry G K13
Childrens Tow Maters Tall Tales G K7
Childrens Volcano Sisters -Backyardigans G K6
Childrens Wallace and Gromit G K2
Comedy 17 again PG-13 204
Comedy Anger Management PG-13 205
Comedy Beetlejuice PG 181
Comedy Bridget Jones: Age of Reason R 131
Comedy Bruce Almighty PG-13 206
Comedy Click PG-13 207
Comedy Deuce Bigelow-European Gigolo R 49
Comedy Dr. Dolittle PG-13 208
Comedy Enough Said PG-13 99
Comedy Failure to Launch PG-13 85
Comedy Fool’s Gold PG-13 47
Comedy Get Smart PG-13 68
Comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past PG 209
Comedy Ghost’s of Girlfriends Past PG-13 86
Comedy Goonies PG 126
Comedy Grand Budapest Hotel R 123
Comedy Happy Gilmore PG-13 179
Comedy Identity Thief R 168
Comedy Last Vegas PG-13 102
Comedy Like Mike PG 210
Comedy Mad Money PG-13 84
Comedy Mr. Deeds PG-13 211
Comedy Office Space R 178
Comedy Parental Guidance PG 5
Comedy Pitch Perfect PG-13 212
Comedy Pitch Perfect 2 PG-13 170
Comedy Roxanne PG 30
Comedy Saving Mr. Banks PG-13 108
Comedy Sisters R 198
Comedy Spaceballs PG 189
Comedy Step Brothers R 32
Comedy Taxi PG-13 67
Comedy The Cable Guy PG-13 213
Comedy The Cat in the Hat PG 214
Comedy The Devil Wears Prada PG-13 90
Comedy The Heat R 114
Comedy The Intern PG-13 194
Comedy The Mexican R 215
Comedy The Other Guys PG-13 27
Comedy The Pink Panther PG 216
Comedy The Whole Ten Yards PG-13 55
Comedy Twilight PG-13 92
Comedy Uptown Girls PG-13 217
Comedy Valentine’s Day PG-13 91
Comedy We’re The Millers R 173
Comedy What a Girl Wants PG 134
Comedy You, Me & Dupree PG-13 83
Comedy Zookeeper PG 25
Documentary The Clintons NR 100
Documentary The Way we Get by NR 218
Drama 42 PG-13 39
Drama 12 Years A Slave R 101
Drama About Schmidt R 294
Drama Age of Adaline PG-13 161
Drama All About Eve G 286
Drama All the King’s Men PG-13 29
Drama American Hustle R 104
Drama American Sniper R 148
Drama Argo R 37
Drama Atonement R 291
Drama August, Osage County R 115
Drama Becket PG-13 297
Drama Big Fish PG-13 124
Drama Birdman R 151
Drama Black Mass R 203
Drama Black Swan R 139
Drama Blue Jasmine PG-13 105
Drama Braveheart  R 292
Drama Brooklyn PG-13 200
Drama Captain Phillips PG-13 98
Drama Casablanca PG 285
Drama Castaway PG-13 219
Drama Chariots of Fire PG  1
Drama Chef R 142
Drama Concussion PG-13 193
Drama Dallas Buyers Club R 106
Drama Darkest Hour PG-13 249
Drama Dear John PG-13 220
Drama Divergent PG-13 125
Drama Downton Abbey Disc 1 and 2 NR 242
Drama Downton Abbey Disc 3 and 4 NR 243
Drama Downton Abbey Disc 5 and 6 NR 244
Drama Empire Falls Dics 2 NR 289
Drama Empire Falls Disc 1 NR 288
Drama Erin Brockovich R 280
Drama Far From Heaven PG-13 284
Drama Fifty Shades of Grey R 158
Drama Forrest Gump PG-13 38
Drama Galdiator R 300
Drama Gone Girl R 147
Drama Gosford Park R 130
Drama Gravity PG-13 103
Drama Green Mile R 81
Drama Gunga Din NR 282
Drama Hatfield’s &McCoy’s NR 14
Drama Hero PG-13 298
Drama Hidden Figures PG 256
Drama How to Eat Fried Worms PG 273
Drama Hundred Foot Journey PG 159
Drama Imitation Game PG-13 150
Drama Joy PG-13 199
Drama Julie & Julia PG 2
Drama Juno PG-13 145
Drama King’s Speech R 36
Drama La La Land PG-13 254
Drama La Vie En Rose PG-13 281
Drama Lady Bird R 247
Drama Life of Pi PG 4
Drama Lincoln PG-13 6
Drama Little Miss Sunshine R 89
Drama Loving Vincent PG-13 250
Drama Manchester by The Sea  R 252
Drama Midnight in Paris PG-13 35
Drama Moneyball PG-13 96
Drama Monuments Men PG-13 118
Drama Nebraska R 107
Drama Once R 33
Drama Pay it Forward PG-13 221
Drama Phantom of the Opera PG-13 290
Drama Phantom Thread R 260
Drama Philomena PG-13 109
Drama Pleasantville PG-13 51
Drama Pride & Prejudice PG 11
Drama Pursuit of Happyness PG-13 31
Drama Ragtime PG 283
Drama Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PG 160
Drama Secret Life of Walter Mitty PG 122
Drama Silver Linings Playbook R 12
Drama Straight Outta Compton R 192
Drama Taking of Pelham 123 R 28
Drama The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PG-13 13
Drama The Blind Side PG-13 15
Drama The Butler PG-13 97
Drama The Darjeeling Limited G 287
Drama The Diving Bell and the Butterfly PG-13 296
Drama the Far Pavilions Disc 1 NR 301
Drama the Far Pavilions Disc 2 NR 302
Drama The Girl on the Train R 248
Drama The Greatest Showman PG 246
Drama The Help PG-13 40
Drama The Lightkeepers PG 156
Drama The Long Hot Summer NR 295
Drama The Majestic PG 66
Drama The Notebook  PG-13 17
Drama The Shape of Water R 255
Drama The Theory of Everything PG-13 141
Drama The Umbrellas of Cherbourg NR 299
Drama Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri R 251
Drama Titanic PG-13 222
Drama To Rome With Love R 34
Drama Too Far To Go NR 293
Drama Unbroken PG-13 152
Drama Varsity Blue’s R 48
Drama Whiplash R 140
Drama Wild R 149
Drama Windtalkers R 79
Drama Wolf of Wall Street R 119
Drama Woman in Gold PG-13 164
Family Andre PG 121
Family Bambi G 268
Family Big Hero 6 PG 153
Family Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PG 223
Family Cinderella PG 166
Family Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs PG 26
Family Dennis the Menace PG 224
Family Frozen PG 111
Family Frozen PG 116
Family Happy Feet PG 44
Family Happy Feet PG 183
Family Harry Potter – Prisoner of Azkaban PG 227
Family Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PG 135
Family Harry Potter -Order of the Phoenix PG-13 229
Family Harry Potter-Chamber of Secrets PG 226
Family Harry Potter-Deathly Hollows Part 1 PG-13 231
Family Harry Potter-Deathly Hollows Part 2 PG-13 232
Family Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire Pg-13 228
Family Harry Potter-Half Blood Prince PG 230
Family Harry Potter-Sorcerer’s Stone PG 225
Family Heaven is for Real PG 120
Family Home PG 163
Family Horton Hears a Who G 23
Family Hugo PG 88
Family Ice Age -Continental Drift PG 21
Family Inside Out PG 172
Family Kicking and Screaming PG  233
Family Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events PG 234
Family Madagascar PG 265
Family Madagascar 2- Escape 2 Africa PG 175
Family Madagascar 3- Europe’s Most Wanted PG 9
Family Maleficent PG 154
Family Million Dollar Arm PG 144
Family Minions PG 171
Family Minions PG 187
Family Night at the Museum PG-13 46
Family Night at the Museum- Secret of the Tomb PG 155
Family Paddington PG 167
Family Polar Express G 180
Family Princess and the Frog G 174
Family Rio G 20
Family Rise of the Guardians PG 7
Family Secretariat PG 143
Family Shrek 2 PG 176
Family Snow Buddies G 185
Family The Croods PG 45
Family The Good Dinosaur PG 195
Family The Incredibles PG 267
Family The Peanuts Movie G 196
Family The Princess Bride PG 188
Family The Tale of Despereaux G 182
Family Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory G 16
Family Wreck-it-Ralph PG 8
Family  A Dog’s Purpose PG 259
Family  Antz PG 263
Family  Charlotte’s Web G 269
Family  Cinderella G 266
Family  CoCo PG 261
Family  Ice Age-The Meltdown PG 270
Family  Jumanji PG-13 258
Family  Kubo and the Two Strings PG 245
Family  Matilda PG 275
Family  Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian PG 272
Family  Shrek  PG 264
Family  The Princess Bride PG 235
Family  Toy Story G 262
Holiday How the Grinch Stole Christmas PG H3
Holiday Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas G H1
Holiday Santa Clause 3 the Escape Clause G H2
Holiday The  Year With out A Santa Claus NR H4
Horror Cloverfield PG-13 236
Horror Dreamcatcher R 237
Horror Jeepers Creepers R 238
Horror Ninth Gate R 78
Musical High School Musical 2 G 239
Musical Into the Woods PG 165
Musical Les Miserable  PG-13 10
Musical Mamma Mia! PG 87
Mystery/Thriller Get Out  R 253
Romantic Comedy 27 Dresses G 240
Romantic Comedy Alex and Emma PG-13 133
Romantic Comedy Monster in Law PG-13 241
Romantic Comedy The Fault in our Stars PG-13 146
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy After Earth PG-13 138
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Black Panther PG-13 257
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy City of Ember PG 52
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Deadpool R 197
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Dragonheart- 2 Legendary Tales PG 50
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Eragon PG 54
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Hancock NR 58
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Hellboy PG-13 64
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy HellboyII- The Golden Army PG-13 65
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Hobitt: Desolation of Smaug PG-13 117
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy I, Robot PG-13 69
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy In The Name of the King PG-13 60
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Independence Day PG-13 70
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Inkheart PG 57
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Iron Man PG-13 19
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Iron Man 2 PG-13 22
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Iron Man 3 PG-13 43
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Journey to the Center of the Earth PG 61
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Jurassic Park PG-13 75
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Jurassic Park III PG-13 77
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Knight’s Tale NR 59
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Oz- The Great and Powerful PG 24
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Spiderman 2002 (Tobey McGuire) PG-13 177
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Star Trek PG-13 18
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Star Trek- Into Darkness PG-13 42
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Stardust PG-13 53
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Superman Returns PG-13 62
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The 13th Warrior R 56
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy the Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey PG-13 3
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The Lost World-Jurassic Park PG-13 76
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Van Helsing PG-13 136
Western The Big Country NR 157