Last Minute Summer Openings

Check out these great summer openings we have available for a 3-7 night minimum stay.

Please call us to plan your summer getaway, we may have more options that are not on this list! 

July 22-29, three night minimum: Victorian third floor room #39, amazing sweeping view from your balcony.

July 22-24, two night minimum: Mayfair Studio #400, private location off the main property with huge windows looking over the gardens.

July 24-28, four night minimum: Beachmere South queen suite #111, one of our most popular family suites for a family of four.  Patio goes right to the front lawn.

July 28-Aug 4, three night Minimum:  Victorian  Room #8 . Great room for a family of 4!! with Ocean View

July 28- Aug 4,  three Night Minimum:  Victorian Suite 10.  Ocean View Room for 4 with great view of the Beach

July 29-Aug. 2, 4 night minimum:  Beachmere West #124 with a king bed and a gas fireplace.

July 22-24, two nights: Victorian Room #17, covered deck and gas fireplace.

July 23-25, two nights: Beachmere West King Suite #121, sleeps a family of four with ocean view balcony.

July 26- Aug. 3, three night minimum: Bullfrog Cottage Suite #304, off the main property with a short walk to the Marginal Way, great suite for a family of three in a quiet setting.

July 26-28, two nights: Beachmere South #115, with one queen and one twin bed.  Patio goes out to the front lawn with an ocean view.

July 28-30, two nights:  Beachmere West king suite #223 on the second floor.  Also our Mayfair Garden suite #401 in a private off property location.

July 29-31, two nights: Beachmere South #214 with a balcony on the second floor.

July 31-Aug. 2, two nights:  Popular Victorian room #14 with that large deck looking to the beach and Beachmere West King Suite #121 on the first floor.

Aug. 6-10, four night minimum:  Bullfrog Cottage #302, economical suite for three off the main property.